More about Boulder Photographer Andrea Enger

  • I was born in Chile (South America), moved to United States when I was 20, and to Denver in 2013.

  • I speak 2 languages and I understand 3
 (I have three nationalities).

  • I am married to a Mid-West boy from Omah NE.

  • I love to run with my pup Coco + our baby + the stroller.

  • I love all the Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter Movies.

  • Avocado and wine lover



I was 30 years old when I first felt truly comfortable in my own skin. 30! That is at least 15 years too late. I grew up in Chile, usually observing the world around me and treasuring every experience that would get me closer to figuring out where or how I fit in. I was surrounded by powerful women (including a strong mom and three sisters!), but I never fell in love with my own fantastic quirkiness. I admired confidence in others, but couldn't find it for myself.

But finally at 30, I found my sass. I realized that no one had control over my life but me. I followed my dream. I fell in love and I started to travel the world. I realized that the fact that I sing loudly in the shower, dance where there is no music and cry at sappy movies is exactly what makes me so fun.


My latest passion project is advocating for clean water initiatives in Africa. In November of 2015 I traveled to Zambia to volunteer as a photo journalist for This project seeks to provide safe drinking water for schools. With the installation of a single borehole well and basic hand pump, enough water can be provided to supply 300 people on a daily basis. Currently I am working on continuing advocating for clean water and learning from various non profits organizations.

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