Real smiles are my favorite part of this job. Not the rehearsed kind — I’m talking about the tear-stained smiles, the belly laugh smiles, the sly grins on the dance floor and all the raw, meaningful moments that make a wedding, not simply an occasion, but a celebration. I love love love capturing these moments for my clients so that they can vividly relive that celebration again and again. When I’m not shooting, I’m hanging out with my partner-in-crime, my husband, our beautiful son, and our unruly-but-adorable dog. I’m a runner, road-tripper, world traveler, hiker and volunteer—my latest passion project is advocating for clean water initiatives in Africa. I love a good pair of sweatpants, a tasty bowl of ice cream and a smooth glass of wine. I’m known to sing loudly in the shower, dance freely without music, and laugh fully whenever I can. Life’s way more interesting that way-cheers!

It is so important that I am a great fit for each and every one of my clients. There is so much trust that goes into selecting a photographer that will document your story, not only with their talent and style but also with their personality and character. That’s why before anything gets real, I like to meet face to face over a cup or coffee or a mug of micro-brew, on me. This way we can connect, relax, and talk all about how I can best serve you.

Stop right there if you think any part of your body is an inconvenience, look at you! you are amazing!!! As a woman and photographer, I celebrate diversity in every form. I look beyond the stereotypes and embrace individuality. You are freaking unique, gorgeous and deserve to share who you are through epic photographs!


My wedding prices range from $1,600 for 4 hours to $3,600 for 8 hours. I include about 80 edited images per hour of coverage on your wedding day. For more detailed pricing info, send me a message using the form below.